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We build and transform businesses by launching market-leading digital products, platforms, and experiences that fuel their growth.

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Our Mission

At the forefront of technology, we are helping our clients onboard their digital future where innovation, automation and experience are vital to lead and succeed.

Our core

ARMONIA Systems strives for creating innovative products through platform approach, assisting companies to build and transform their businesses using the most advanced technology, data and design.


Our approach

Forming dedicated ecosystems of technological solutions, we are specialized in supply and customization of applications and other integrated software solutions in the fields of lifestyle management, travel & tourism, event management, as well as transaction processing.


Lifestyle management platform

I’m PRIME provides a full range of lifestyle services, spanning restaurant bookings and major sporting event ticket procurement all through global travel solutions and exclusive event planning, offering 24/7 access to a curated range of services, bespoke amenities and exclusive privileges.

Cutting-edge in-house solutions are an integral part of the platform. A synergy of automated solutions, human expertise and the convenience of the latest interfaces bring the service delivery (on concierge side) and the product unique experience (client side) to life.